Live like a Local Languedoc, Tarn and Aude South France

How many of us have heard ourselves or a freind sigh
"Oh I wish I could live like this all the time"?

Getting up in the morning, going to the boulangerie, buying freshly baked bread and patisseries for breakfast, mmmm....

Go to the local village market to buy fresh seasonal produce.

A selection of amazing cheeses made from three different milks! Do you choose soft and runny, firm or very dry?
Maybe some fantastic local salt cured country ham with ripe cantaloupe or maybe a quiche made with smoked Bacon and local sweet onions. Or free range poultry, Chicken or fresh made Duck leg confit, and which seasonal vegetables & fruit do you choose when faced with a display that seems to roll on forever...

On the way back home we stop and have lunch in one of the fantastic local restaurants to give you a real feel for the local culture and cuisine. Or maybe a gourmet picnic with your market purchases?

After a long relaxing lunch a little nap before a tasting to select the wine for tonight's dinner.
You are going to prepare dinner under the tutorship of Angus, your "Live Like a Local" chef and host, recreating the local specialties from the products bought earlier. Once dinner is organized there is time for a game of petanque with a glass of Pastis and a few friends.

As one day meanders into the next, you start to feel like a local, to understand what it means to live here, to "Live Like a Local"

Does this sounds like a dream come true?

We have knowledge & expertise to offer you this unique experience.
We can plan, with you, your own tailored "Live Like a Local" holiday giving you the best possible local experience.

In consultation with us we can send you our recommendations of great places to make as your base for your "Live Like a Local" holiday. Our travel agent partners can organize all your travel arrangements as required.

So whats included with my "Live Like a Local" holiday ?

Angus, the owner and operator of the Private guide service, will be your host for your "Live Like a Local" holiday.
Angus has lived and worked in the hospitality industry in France for the last 20 years working mainly in the private sector and for the world renowned luxury travel group Orient Express, as a chef and guide.
Angus has been a "local" for the last decade in both the Midi Pyrenees and the Languedoc regions. Each day Angus will take you on a gastronomic adventure sharing his hidden secrets and meeting friends who are the wine makers, chefs many fantastic characters that make this one of France's best kept secrets.
Please contact Angus to make an inquiry about your very own holiday experience that will make you "Live Like a Local".

Operating Dates

  • May 8th to 14th
  • June 12th to 18th
  • July 24th to 30th
  • August - Closed
  • Sep 4th to 10th
  • October 2nd to 15th