Fine Wine Tours South France

Our range of guided one day wine tours covers the major appellations of the Occitanie region (ex Languedoc and Midi-Pyrenees), if you have a specific requirement please look at our bespoke tours page.

All the wines tasted on our trips are available for export to your home country, from 6 bottles to many boxes! please arrange this during your tour.

  • Guided Wine Tour Toulouse
    Toulouse Wine Tour
    Toulouse the capitol of the Midi Pyrenees, surrounded by some of the oldest vineyards, planted in the time of the Romans. The vineyards close to Toulouse are situated in the foothills of the Pyrenees and to the north in the wine growing appellation of Gaillac.
  • Bespoke Wine Tours South France
    Bespoke Wine Tour
    Fine Wine Tours appreciate that discerning clients look for a unique French holiday, we offer an opportunity to experience something different in a region which, for many travellers, remains an undiscovered gem.
  • Narbonne Food Tours
    Narbonne Gastronomic Tour
    I never tire of visiting here, the best fresh seasonal produce and a glass of Muscat, just sublime! Taste the producein the restaurant L'estagnol, where everything is purchased from the Market.
  • Live Like A Local Experience
    Live Like A Local Experience
    How many of us have heard ourselves or a freind say "Oh I wish I could live like this all the time"? Getting up in the morning, going to the boulangerie, buying freshly baked bread and patisseries for breakfast, mmmm....